Special Announcement

Hello Everyone,

It is only Thursday, so why is the Principal sending her weekly message early? Well, it is because she woke up in a panic this morning realizing that in the midst of coordinating the annual ACS conference tasks, she forgot one very crtiical item.

I am on the planning committee this year for the Annual ACS (Association of Chinese School) conference.  This conference is attended by more than 30 Chinese schools where teachers share teaching experiences and ideas to further enhance the learning experiences of our students.  Throughout the year, the ACS sponsor activities which promote cultural learning through fun events and contests as well.  If you read my weekly messages in the past, I have posted our “proud winners” of these activities.

This year, our school is responsible for 2 events. The Poster Contest and the multi media contest.  And I sincerely ask you to sponsor the events.

And to the doctors, attorneys and business owners: If you would like to put an ad in the annual ACS program book, this is a great way to broaden your patient/client base and connect with the Chinese community.

Or if you just want to shut me up and send a donation to support this wonderful conference that so many volunteers are working on, you can do that as well.

Now comes the “challenge”. I was planning to harass, I mean reach out to many of you during the next 2 Saturdays and I just remembered that we don’t have school on May 5th, which leaves me with only this Saturday to ask for your support.  Therefore this early weekly message to ask you to PLEASE help us raise funds for this event.

By the way, we have more than 10 teachers attending the conference and we have students participating in the Poster contest and speech contest!!!!

Below are details from the ACS.