NWCS Chorus – Year End Performance – June 18, 2022, 10:45am – 11:30am

Please come to the school cafeteria on Saturday,  June 18, 2022  at 10:45am for the NWCS Chorus Year End Performance!

NWCS Spring ’22 – Newsletter, Week 12 (06/04/22)

Dear NWCS Families, As we start the month of June, we are heading to the final stretch with only 3 sessions left – including the graduation and year end celebration.  This week, we will host a General Assembly in Briarcliff Middle school cafeteria – 9:20 ~ 9:50 AM.  We cordially invite you to join for

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No Class Today, March 3, 2018, due to Power Outage at Briarcliff Middle School

NWCS 2017-2018 Welcome Handout

NWCS 2017-2018 Welcome Handout

Services and goodies offered by NWCS families and friends


  • Hello, my name is Sarah Seissler and I am a previous student of the NWCS and go to the Briarcliff Middle School. I am 13 in 8th grade and I am looking into babysitting. Im looking for kids from K-5 around Briarcliff (15-20 min drive) to watch. I will be able to help the kids with their regular school homework and if you are interested, please contact me: Cell: 914-414-8990 or email:sarahseissler85@gmail.com

To post or update an ad here, please contact school staff. Only NWCS families and friends please. 




NWCS 2015-03-21 Week05

From: NWCS Principal
Date: 3/20/2015 8:33 PM

Welcome to the first day of Spring!  What a beautiful Spring day we had today! It is also known as the March Equinox – a time of transition and new beginnings.     I was reading how different cultures celebrate this first day of Spring and what we do now?  We have snow!  SNOW!  What is going on?   Anyway, we were informed by the school that the parking lot will be plowed so we will have school tomorrow!  Yay!  I know you are all jumping for joy!

Tomorrow we have Parent Teacher meetings.  Please use this opportunity to connect with your teacher and exchange ideas!   Of course, you don’t have to wait until the Parent Teacher meeting to talk to the teacher, you can do that any time.   I am sure that the teachers look forward to hearing from you.

Ok, I have to go make sure my kids know that we have school tomorrow, so they can at least study a little tonight.

We still have raffle tickets for sale.   Don’t forget to buy your raffle tickets and win one or more of those great prizes!

See you tomorrow!  Classes start at 9am sharp.  Please be on time.

李宜蓉 Eileen Y. Lee
北威校長 NWCS Principal, 2009-2015
GO NWCS!!!!  Visit www.nwcsny.org
or email LearnChinese@nwcsny.org

NWCS Spring Week 10 – 05/03/2014

From: NWCS Principal Date: 5/2/2014 7:44 PM

Happy May everyone!

I cannot believe that it is already May! Where did the time go? We had a few days of serious rain and hopefully we get a little break from the rain and see some sun in the next few weeks.

I often wonder how much my twins actually absorb Chinese since they have been going to NWCS since Pre-K. This morning the twins and I took our new puppy for a walk in the woods and I heard this loud unfamiliar sound (to me) repeating for a few seconds then stop. Then it would start again for a few seconds then stop again. The puppy was looking up, I was looking up. My twins said “Mommy, that is a wood pecker! ” I was amazed because I have never seen or heard one before. I always thought it was from some construction workers hammering something … yeah, in the woods too.

When we got home, I downloaded my pictures and wrote down my morning walk in my journal. I wrote about the wood peckers 啄木鳥 and the forest 森林 in Chinese … my older twin son was sitting next to me and reading what I wrote … he said to me “I know those words …”. He went on to say, “… well I am not sure what the first word is, but I think it has something to do with mouth so probably something about eating stuff… ” (the word is PECK 啄) You can imagine my surprise … and he continued “… because it has the radical of mouth 口… and I know the next word too, it is wood or tree (木). “ I was about to give him a hug for being so smart, but he asked “Why are you writing about eating wood?.” (He should’ve stopped while he was ahead”). Before I could answer, my evil son, I mean, my younger son (by 3 minutes) was not pleased that I was so proud of his twin brother, he said “Oh please, what is the big deal … we learned that in the first grade…”. So World War III started in the Thomas house again. “Oh yeah, what word do you remember, smarty pants!” “Oh yes! I remember that in Chinese, 5 trees make a forest! See, how many trees are there in that phrase? 森林! FIVE! ” … my husband chimed in “5 trees makes a forest? I think it take more than that … “I had to stop him … I gave him the hand! Don’t interrupt this beautiful moment. I can’t believe they actually LEARNED and REMEMBERED something. Ah! All the suffering so far was worth it! I better write this down in my journal as these types of moments come few and far between. :-)

See you all tomorrow! Classes start at 9am. Please be on time.

Forgot to mention the contest is on May 10th! Good luck everyone!

李宜蓉 Eileen Y. Lee
北威校長 NWCS Principal, 2009-2014
GO NWCS!!!! Visit www.nwcsny.org
or email LearnChinese@nwcsny.org


Due to a construction project at the Briarcliff Middle School, our first day of class for the Fall 2013 Semester is now September 14.

Enjoy the extra week off.

- – Benson

Scholarship Application

Download Application form here. 

2012 北威獎學金申請辦法

Northern Westchester Chinese School (NWCS)

Scholarship Application for Year 2012 

Application Summary

  1. Complete application form (NWCS 12th Grade students only)
  2. Essay in Chinese.  Topic: “NWCS and me” (北威與我)
  3. Two recommendation letters with one letter recommendation from one of the NWCS teachers
  4. Photo of applicant
  5. Deadline:    December 8, 2012

Scholarship Committee

The committee consists of the NWCS Board Committee Chair of Parent and Student Affairs, 12th Grade Teacher, senior teachers, Academic Dean(s), Principal, and the chairperson of the Board, a minimum of five members.  The committee will review the applications, as well as interview the applicants.

Committee Review

The committee will score all applicants in each of the following criteria using a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best.  The scores are then multiplied by the respective weighing factors to arrive at the final score.   The scholarship is then awarded to the applicant with the highest scores.   The cut off point will vary each year based on the overall quality of the applicants.   The total number of awardees should not exceed 3.  Exception to this cap will require board approval.  The awardees will receive from the School a certificate and a check ranging from $100.00 to $300.00.

Selection Criteria

    1. 35%: Chinese School academic average (9th, 10th, 11th in NWCS)
    2. 25%: Essay
    3. 20%: Interview: Chinese listening and conversation skills
    4. 10%: Leadership in NWCS: volunteer work, attendance, etc
    5. 10%: Other credentials

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact Mrs. Cherry Kung, NWCS Board Committee Chair of Parent and Student Affairs.  She can be reached via email as “cldk1999@gmail.com” or by phone at (914) 361-9887.



NWCS is now accepting registrations for the 2012 – 2013 school year.

We offer Chinese language classes Pre-K thru Grade12 and a variety of Chinese cultural electives including painting, calligraphy, origami, dance, Chinese chess, martial arts and more.

We are also offering a 10-week SAT Prep course from 9/15 – 12/1 in the Fall Semester.  Enrollment for the SAT class is limited.

Our classes are held every Saturday from 9AM – 12 PM at the Briarcliff Middle School located at 444 Pleasantville Road in Briarcliff Manor.

September 8th, 2012 is the first day of the Fall Semester.

All are welcomed. Email principal@nwcsny.org for more info.

To register or find out more about our classes click on the “online registriation” link or go to:


No School on 5/5/2012

There will be no school on Saturday, May 5.  Briarcliff is hosting NYSMAA in the Middle School and High School.

Chinese School will be back in session the following Saturday, May 12th.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Special Announcement

Hello Everyone,

It is only Thursday, so why is the Principal sending her weekly message early? Well, it is because she woke up in a panic this morning realizing that in the midst of coordinating the annual ACS conference tasks, she forgot one very crtiical item.

I am on the planning committee this year for the Annual ACS (Association of Chinese School) conference.  This conference is attended by more than 30 Chinese schools where teachers share teaching experiences and ideas to further enhance the learning experiences of our students.  Throughout the year, the ACS sponsor activities which promote cultural learning through fun events and contests as well.  If you read my weekly messages in the past, I have posted our “proud winners” of these activities.

This year, our school is responsible for 2 events. The Poster Contest and the multi media contest.  And I sincerely ask you to sponsor the events.

And to the doctors, attorneys and business owners: If you would like to put an ad in the annual ACS program book, this is a great way to broaden your patient/client base and connect with the Chinese community.

Or if you just want to shut me up and send a donation to support this wonderful conference that so many volunteers are working on, you can do that as well.

Now comes the “challenge”. I was planning to harass, I mean reach out to many of you during the next 2 Saturdays and I just remembered that we don’t have school on May 5th, which leaves me with only this Saturday to ask for your support.  Therefore this early weekly message to ask you to PLEASE help us raise funds for this event.

By the way, we have more than 10 teachers attending the conference and we have students participating in the Poster contest and speech contest!!!!

Below are details from the ACS.