NWCS Chorus – Year End Performance – June 18, 2022, 10:45am – 11:30am

Please come to the school cafeteria on Saturday,  June 18, 2022  at 10:45am for the NWCS Chorus Year End Performance!

NWCS Spring ’22 – Newsletter, Week 12 (06/04/22)

Dear NWCS Families, As we start the month of June, we are heading to the final stretch with only 3 sessions left – including the graduation and year end celebration.  This week, we will host a General Assembly in Briarcliff Middle school cafeteria – 9:20 ~ 9:50 AM.  We cordially invite you to join for

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Good Morning NWCS Video

Good Morning, NWCS! Here is a fun video made by our teachers and students. 

Hou Family Filial Piety Contest Entries

Alden and Bonnie Hou participated in a falial piety contest. In Confucian, Chinese Buddhist and Taoist, and Roman ethics, filial piety (Chinese: 孝, xiào) is a virtue of respect for one’s parents, elders, and ancestors.

Alden Hou-北威中文學校-7th grade

Bonnie Hou – Personal Narrative

Summer 2018 Dim Sum

We had our annual summer dim sum outing. Students practiced ordering food in Mandarin with the help of teachers, while parents enjoyed some adult conversation!
Dimsum 20185

Dimsum 20183

NWCS at Asian Heritage Festival

Many thanks to Ms. Wen-lin Murray and her dance class. Special thanks to chairperson Wei and her family, counselor Kenny, vice principal Rick, and chairperson emeritus Benson’s big tent!

AsianHeritage - 2

AsianHeritage - 12

AsianHeritage - 14

AsianHeritage - 16

AsianHeritage - 18

Happy Chinese New Year from NWCS!

Dear NWCS families,

Happy Chinese New Year!!
Wish you all a fantastic Year of the Dog!!



Best Regards,
Francine Fang 方敏

Chinese painting demonstration on Sep. 30, 2017

NWCS welcomed live demonstration of ​Chinese painting and calligraphy ​(​書畫示範​) from Chinese cultural ambassador, Ms. Yang, from Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

ChinesePainting - 3

ChinesePainting - 5

ChinesePainting - 7

ChinesePainting - 13

ChinesePainting - 14

ChinesePainting - 17

ChinesePainting - 18

ChinesePainting - 22

ChinesePainting - 23

ChinesePainting - 25

ChinesePainting - 26

ChinesePainting - 28

ChinesePainting - 29

ChinesePainting - 31

ChinesePainting - 34

ChinesePainting - 35

ChinesePainting - 36

ChinesePainting - 38

Community ad: Chinese Zither 古筝 for sale

I would like to sell the instrument with 2 stands, carrying case & cover cloth for $569, price is negotiable.
I bought this high quality instrument for my daughter and paid about $1200 total for the instrument and accessories.
She moves to the west coast, so I have to sell it.

If interested, please contact Charis, a member of NWCS Chorus, at charisw@gmail.com or 914-874-3102.

Charis, 黃淑霞

NWCS at Asian Heritage Festival on May 20

Many thanks to Ms. Chen and her dance class, Wei (+Liz+Bart), Ms. Wang, Ms. Fang (+志祥), Calvin and Benson’ tent. NWCS has the most animated booth that day with face and hands painting, Chinese knotting and Yo Yo. Ms. Chen’s class with twin performers from the Saw family drew big applauses. Here are some of the photos I took:

2017AsianHeritage - 1 2017AsianHeritage - 2 2017AsianHeritage - 5 2017AsianHeritage - 8 2017AsianHeritage - 12 2017AsianHeritage - 14

CSL Advanced I students celebrate Mother’s Day

Thanks to Ms. Dolly Chong and her students in CSL Advanced I for creating this series of messages to celebrate Mother’s Day! Click on the link to watch and enjoy!


That’s Mandarin’s Summer Chinese Camp

That's Mandarin

The Chin children attended this immersion summer camp in July of 2015.  Calvin and his family highly recommend it!

That’s Mandarin’s Summer Chinese Camp has been delivering a first-class China learning experience to hundreds of kids and teens in Beijing and Shanghai since 2008.

Homestay, Day Camps, Family Camps and Chinese Classes only Camps are available to all NWCS students, sign-up today and save 5%.

Visit their website www.summercampschina.com