NWCS – 2021 Spring Newsletter – Semester begins 2/27/21 @ 9:00 AM

Dear NWCS Families,
Hope you have a safe and warm winter break!  The spring semester will begin with online sessions via Zoom starting this Saturday (2/27/21) at 9:00 AM.  Each class teacher (including 3rd hour elective) will send out an email invitation with a Zoom link.  Here are some items I’d like to get help from parents:
1). A student should attend class independently.  With a rare occasion for pre-K class, parents’ presence in the online classroom should be avoided.
2). Provide a dedicated and quiet space to attend class, just like regular school.
3). Our goal is to provide the Mandarin learning environment for our students to immerse in the language and culture.  Testing score or grade is just a guide for school to evaluate which aspect of the skill set would be needed to improve student proficiency.  Please let your child(ren) know it is ok to make a mistake when speaking in the class.  Online learning is a great place for our students to practice more.
4). Please prepare your child(ren) be on time for class with casual dress code.
I will inform some families in a separate email to pick up some class material like new text books or penmanship practice booklets.
Best Regards,
Rick Chan 詹文芳

NWCS Principal