Spring Break – 4/3/21 – No school

Dear NWCS Families,
It’s been a while since last communication.  Hope all is well and safe with you.  Attached is the latest version of the school calendar.  Also, You may download the calendar on NWCS website.
1). A parent-teacher conference will be organized accordingly after returning from the break.
2). Due to pandemic, the annual ACS conference in late May is canceled.  However, we will still organize the speech contest to give students more chances to practice their speech.
3). Please use this break to catch up with their school work and prepare your child/children’s speech contest materials.
Lastly, I have received some enquiries regarding the outlook of returning to in-person class in the fall.  At this present time, I don’t have enough information needed to make the call but actively monitor the situation.  We will reach out to Briarcliff school district in the near term and explore the possibility.  This early preparation will enable us to formulate the strategy in early summer and decide the learning format for the fall semester.  Of course, we can always roll back to on-line learning if the health situation poses a big concern.

Best Regards,
Rick Chan 詹文芳

NWCS Principal