NWCS Newsletter Week 4 (10/02) – Fall’21

Dear NWCS Families,
Hope this email finds you well.  With your commitment and support, thank you everyone for doing their part to help and create a safe and fun learning environment for our students.  By now, things will slowly return to normal after students settling in each class.  If your child experiences any challenges academically, please don’t wait until the end of the semester or school year.  Please don’t hesitate to communicate with me or class teacher.
Some items to share here:
(1).  For families with smaller kid(s) at school, if, for whatever reason, you have to leave the school premises temporarily, please teach your kid(s) to wait at the cafeteria area and not leave the school building until you return to pick him/her up.  Cafeteria is the most commonly used area by our school families.  Therefore, we always can keep an eye on any students who might be present waiting for pick up.  During weekend, there are other sport events take place the same time during our school hours so traffic and people can be overwhelming for small kids.
(2). Last week (9/25) was the final week of withdraw with 100% refund less fees and material/textbooks.  Since I missed the announcement, if deciding to withdraw by this this Saturday (10/02), we will honor the 100% refund.  The next withdraw deadline with 50% refund (less fee and material) is on 10/09.
(3).  During pandemic remote learning, our students worked hard with their teachers.  Many students have accumulated lots of reward stickers.  I plan to  change our reward station slightly this year to mange the flow better.  Every last week of each month, I will announce the reward redemption threshold.  For example, in last week of Oct (10/30), we will provide reward exchange for students who have collected 40 stickers or less to redeem.  If there is no ideal prize to redeem, you can keep accumulating and wait for November (most likely will have prize that would require 40 ~ 80 stickers).  I will make a separate announcement in advance when we get closer.
(4). Please supervise your child(ren) school work at home.  Through regular practice at home, that will help to reinforce their memories on material learned in class.
Below is the calendar for remaining semester.  You may find the complete copy from NWCS website.
2021 Fall Semester
Best Regards,
Rick Chan 詹文芳
NWCS Principal