NWCS Newsletter Week 3 (9/25) – Fall’21

Dear NWCS Families,


Hope everyone enjoys this early fall weather and stays safe and healthy.  As students are settling down in each class, there are a few topics I like to share:


School Work & Experience Sharing - 

Please help to supervise your kid’s school work and communicate with the class teacher if your child is experiencing difficulties in the class.  Many of you may or may not speak Mandarin at home so it may pose a challenging task for your child when doing homework at home.  We have other families who have gone through similar processes and can share their valuable information with new families.  If you like to share your child’s mandarin learning experience with new families, please let me know.  I can make an introduction.


Before we finalize the fall semester enrollment in the school system, please take a few minutes to check your child(ren) enrollment record(s) if properly registered.  You can log in to your account and select “Parent View” to view and make necessary changes.


Health Policy -

NWCS is following the recommendation from the NY State Health Department and Education Department to require wearing a face covering mask inside the school building at all times.


Emergency Phone Notification System -

If there are any last-minute school closures or emergency notifications, an email will be sent out, as well as a text message. We encourage you to opt into the text message option to make sure you are notified. This will be used for emergency notifications only, except for two test messages (one each semester) to make sure the system is working properly.



1)     Text @nwcsnotify to the number 81010

2)     You’ll receive a welcome text from REMIND, the app.

3)     If anyone has trouble with 81010, they can try texting @nwcsnotify to (478) 225-3884.



We have audio files on the NWCS web site after you sign in to your account.  Please feel free to take a look and play for your kids from home.

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Best Regards,

Rick Chan 詹文芳
NWCS Principal