NWCS Fall 2021 Newsletter – week 8 – 10/30/21

Dear NWCS Families,
Many thanks for our volunteers last weekend to help out with the annual fire drill.  Overall, everyone was able to follow the preassigned evacuation route to exit the building orderly and effectively.  One point to keep in mind:  Fire drill is to let everyone know where the exit is in case of an emergency.  Teachers and students have the chance to practice the drill.  Each teacher is responsible for the entire class’ student count and makes sure everyone returns to the classroom when the drill is completed before the class is dismissed.  Parents would expect the same before picking up your kids.
Halloween fun this weekend
We will kick off Halloween weekend with a visit by story book author, David Quinn, also our NWCS long time friend and former co-chairperson.  Pre-K to second grade classes will join David’s story telling session at the cafeteria.  Parents and students are encouraged to dress up when coming to school.  We also prepare Halloween candy!!
Halloween bake sale - bring your baked goods – cookies, cupcakes, etc to donate & help feed our hungry trick-or-treaters this Saturday!
Best Regards,
Rick Chan 詹文芳
NWCS Principal