Letter to NWCS Families

Dear NWCS Families,

I thought it important to let you know that our goal is to keep information flow transparent in a timely fashion.  I was informed that one of the parents had been tested positive with COVID this past Saturday.  The family was at school on the weekend of Oct 30 with masks on throughout the 2~3 hours inside the school building and didn’t come to school on Nov. 6th.  The PCR result for the rest of the family came back negative.  The family will undergo another round of PCR tests this Tuesday and self quarantine.

First, it is important to be aware that the mask mandate does prevent the spread of viruses.  With more knowledge and understanding of the virus, I urge everyone to stay cautious and exercise all steps necessary when entering into school building.  Now, we are entering the flu season so it can be hard to differentiate whether it’s a flu or something else in the early stage.  If not feeling well, please stay home and seek medical assistance when necessary.

At this point, because of the mask mandate and other measures in place, we will continue to keep the school open and keep monitoring the situation closely.   Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly either in person or via email.

Best Regards,
Rick Chan 詹文芳
NWCS Principal