NWCS Spring ’22 – Newsletter, Week 12 (06/04/22)

Dear NWCS Families,
As we start the month of June, we are heading to the final stretch with only 3 sessions left – including the graduation and year end celebration.  This week, we will host a General Assembly in Briarcliff Middle school cafeteria – 9:20 ~ 9:50 AM.  We cordially invite you to join for the discussion.
Year End Celebration
We will combine this year’s graduation with the year end celebration.  Vice Principal, Mrs. Francine Feng, is hard at work coordinating with teachers on performance and programming.  Please feel free to contribute ideas and assistance to make this special event memorable and fun.
New Elective Course Coming This Fall
I’d like to announce a new culture class coming this Fall.  The class will be focusing on Chinese painting and modern art (no prior knowledge or training required) - one class for adults and one for students with 7th grade or higher.  The initial idea is to have a maximum class capacity of 6 & minimum of 3 to open the class.  Please find the attached PDF file for some artwork completed by the teacher.  Please help us spread the news about the class and sign up for yourself or your child.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.
Instructor Bio Info:
Mrs. Sinrong Chen earned her B.A degree specializing in Chinese Painting in Taiwan.  She is a resident of Westchester Co. and enjoys teaching art classes to her students.  I have known Mrs. Chen personally for years and think our community can benefit a lot from her expertise in Chinese Art.
(1). Adult: 90 to 105 minutes from 9:00 AM ~ 10:30 (10:45) & parents will have a break during language break & attend to their children’s needs. Separate enrollment in Spring and Fall.
(2). Students: 11:00 to 12:00 - one enrollment in the Fall for the entire calendar year.
Tuition: course material included
(1). Adult: $350 + $50 material/ handling fee per semester.
(2). Students without language enrollment: same as (1)
(3). Students with language enrollment: covered in the language class (just pay extra handling/material fee $75 a year).
Best Regards,
Rick Chan 詹文芳

NWCS Principal